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The Sweet Side of Business Photography Collection

We’re so pleased to be sharing our latest stock photography collection The Sweet Side of Business!

Collection Includes:

  • 38 hi-res stock photographs

  • 11 vertical + 27 horizontal (but don’t worry, you can custom crop all of the images!)

  • 24/7 instant download of images

  • Each image is 300 ppi

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How to Calm Your Anger with a Thank You Letter!

This week I had to deal with one conflict after another- everything from extremely frustrating customer service to vendors not meeting their deadlines. Typically, I handle conflict fairly well but this week I found myself feeling more frustrated, stressed and anxious with each interaction.

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3 Ways to Remove the Overwhelm from Your Inbox

I rounded off the morning with a mega inbox clean out, and thought I’d share a couple quick and easy inbox tips to help increase your organization and decrease the feeling of overwhelm when opening your inbox.

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