How to Calm Your Anxiety in Real Time!

This blog post covers a few tips that have helped me to cope with anxiety no matter how much (or little) time I have available. #anxiety #solopreneur #girlboss

Let’s get real and honest here today. Ok?

This week I have been full of anxiety. Like A LOT of anxiety.

There is a plethora of change in my life lately and a lot more coming in my future-most of it good, thankfully. I’m not sure if I’m just becoming less brave as I age or just more stuck in my ways, but the thought of being in this constant state of transformation has me feeling so nervous.

A surprising contributor to my increased anxiety is feeling like I don’t have time to properly address how I’m feeling. In reality though, there are lots of different options available to help calm my anxiety- no matter how much time is available! I’m sharing a few tips below that have helped me to cope with anxiety no matter how much (or little) time I have available.

  • 3 hours: grab a copy of Amber Rae’s book Wonder over Worry. It’s an interesting perspective on how to approach your emotions.

  • 1 hour: meet up with a friend. Social support is some of the best medicine!

  • 30 mins: meditate. If you’re new to meditation, there are a lot of apps available that will walk you through the process.

  • 20 mins: take a walk around your neighbourhood.

  • 10 mins: make a cup of calming herbal tea and write in your gratification journal.

  • 2 mins: take a few deep, slow breaths.

  • 0 mins: put on some calming, anxiety reducing music in the background while you work. This music has been proven to help calm anxiety.

These are all band-aid solutions, and, of course, professional medical help should be sought to address severe anxiety, but I do hope these tips will help you if find yourself coping with a bit of extra anxiety this week too.


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