So... about those 2018 New Year’s Goals

How are your business goals progressing this time of year? Here are my top 10 favourite strategic questions that I ask myself mid-year! Also, we're featuring our Biz Babes stock photography collection this week! #businessbabes #businessstrategy

Can you believe we are now officially halfway into 2018!?! Crazy how time flies!

I always like to check-in on how my goals are progressing this time of year and want to share some of my favourite questions that I ask myself mid-year.

  1. What are your greatest successes so far?

  2. How has your vision changed since January?

  3. What do you need to do to ensure that these changes are actioned accordingly?

  4. What are your greatest struggles so far?

  5. What can you outsource? What has become a burden to handle? What’s using too much time and money with little ROI? (psst.. If business photos for your brand are problematic, let us help! Learn more here!)

  6. What actions are working well so far? What are your key business drivers? What are your greatest client referral streams?

  7. What additional education resources are available to support you at this phase?

  8. What processes can you streamline?

  9. What networking/collaboration activities should you explore to help maintain growth?

  10. What do you want to see more of going forward?

So grab that iced coffee and take 30 mins to reflect on where you’ve been, where you’re going and how you are going to ensure you achieve those goals!

This week's featured stock photography collection is Biz Babes!

Xo Alisha + The Stock Boutique Team