How to Say No to Distractions

Last year, my husband walked out of the kitchen (he does all of our cooking! I know, I am so lucky!) and in a joking tone said “ tsk, tsk always on your phone...”

Sitting on the sofa with my laptop to the right, notebook to my left, scattered papers in front of me, and with my phone in my hand, I knew that he was joking. Clearly, I was working... wasn’t I?

In that moment, something in his words rang true to my ears. I realized I had been turning to my phone when I found myself with a spare moment or in need of a mental break. Yes, yes, I can justify that I am working- social media, emails, and staying in touch with my team are all part of my businesses. But was this incessant gravitational pull to my phone really helping my businesses in the long run? Was it negatively impacting my health, my family, my work-life balance?

In today’s world, notifications and messages are popping up on our phones all day long! Some of them are legitimately for business needs, but most could be classified as a distraction. So in the spirit of being more productive, here are a few tips I have used to help untether myself from my phone:

  1. Turn off social media notifications. Seriously, you don’t need that temptation flashing at you constantly.

  2. Schedule your check-in times. Most emails, texts and phone calls don’t need an immediate response. Your inboxes will be a-okay if you don’t access it for a few hours. For me, I’ve found checking-in at 9:30AM, 3:30PM, and 5:45PM work best!

  3. Schedule an end-of-day time. After that time, tuck your phone away into a drawer or bag, so you’re not tempted to keep checking-in. For me, 6 PM is my cut off time!  

We hope these tips help you increase your efficiency and productivity!

Xo Alisha + The Stock Boutique Team