Our Inspiration Board for The Stock Boutique

Our inspiration board for The Stock Boutique

We've put a lot of heart into the building of The Stock Boutique. Although our team was on the same page throughout the development stages, having our jointly created inspiration board really helped us to build a cohesive vision for the service and it also helped to provide a good brand reference for our freelancers. We approached our inspiration board with a strategy.

Here are the areas of development we targeted in the building of our board:

·        Ideal client

·        Texture

·        Mood/Tone

·        Blog page layouts

·        Branding inspiration

We’ve just made our inspo board public, so you can see it here.  Follow us on Pinterest to stay in the loop on all things inspirational!

We’ve also just added a new girl boss inspired collection, Hustle & Amethyst, to our stock photography membership gallery. Full of gorgeous purple accent colours, it’s a collection you’ll definitely want to check out! 

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