How to Calm Your Anger with a Thank You Letter!

How do you handle your anger when it comes to difficult customers, vendors and other frustrating situations? This week we’re talking about how to calm your anger with a thank you letter. #girlboss #problemsolving #gratitude #femaleentrepreneurs #dealingwithanger

This week I had to deal with one conflict after another- everything from extremely frustrating customer service to vendors not meeting their deadlines. Typically, I handle conflict fairly well but this week I found myself feeling more frustrated, stressed and anxious with each interaction.

To make matters worse, I just couldn’t LET IT GO. I tried to relax with calming baths and even a little bit of scotch ;) but I would still head to bed stewing over the latest conflict and wake up all night from stressful dreams on the same subject.

But after receiving a particularly abrasive email, I found a technique that seemed to help me calm down.

Instead of writing a scathing response back, I approached my email with a sense of thankfulness.

I thanked them for taking the time to express their thoughts in such detail.
I thanked them for being patient with me while I learned a new process.
I thanked them for their continued support as we evolved through this journey together.

Never let a bad situation bring out the worst in you. Be strong and choose to be positive! #inspiration #quote #motivation #positivity #girlboss

By the time I pressed the send button, I had released all of my anger. I went about my day without giving that situation another thought.

This very specific thank you letter helped me release my anger in a way that my past gratitude journals could never supply.

So, if you find yourself struggling with anger, I highly encourage you to write a thank you letter to that specific event. I promise, it’s worth trying!

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