Wrapped Up Stock Photography Collection

We’re so excited to be sharing our latest stock photography collection Wrapped Up!

Female entrepreneur stock photography! Wrapped Up stock photography collection. We giveaway a FREE stock photo when you subscribe www.thestockboutique.com #stockphotography #stockphotos #femaleentrepreneur #giftwrappinginspiration #creativeentrepreneurs

Calling all product makers! This collection is all about making the messy behind the scenes work look pretty! Wrapped Up is full of lifestyle images with lots of room for custom cropping, text and overlays. We do our best to ensure each collection can be used all throughout your business like Instagram, blog posts, Pinterest, newsletters, presentations, banners, advertisement and more!

Wrapped Up is a collection that all of our product-selling members will love, as it’s featuring some pretty packaging! It’s perfect for social media posts and Pinterest (one of our fav places to get social)! We can’t wait to see how you use your stock photos!

Collection includes:

  • 30 hi-res stock photographs

  • 9 vertical + 21 horizontal (but don’t worry, you can custom crop all of the images!)

  • 24/7 instant download of images

  • Each image is 300 ppi